Welcome to Flourish

an energetic space to teach, 
lead, facilitate, workshop

a welcome environment for you
and your students

a room full of possibility for connection

We are a multi-purpose collaborative venue located off of Colley Avenue in Norfolk, Virginia.
We host a variety of classes and workshops with a focus on mental, spiritual, and physical growth. 

Lisa Vaughan-Meer






Susan Colpitts

Susan Colpitts

Brian Dunning

Natasha Ihnatenko

Lisa Vaughan-Meer

Diana Malaspina

Lisa Vaughan-Meer

Meaghan de Roos

Dianna Helgesen

Allison Boudreau

Kayla Monroe


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809 Brandon Avenue, Suite 210

Norfolk, VA 23517 

Tel: 757-625-0120

Email: info@flourishoncolley.com

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