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Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Jenae Spencer

Trauma Sensitive Yoga: Reconnecting the Mind and Body

with Jenae Spencer

5 Week Series Thursdays 6pm-7pm October 18th-November 15th


Trauma can have a significant negative impact on the parts of our brain that are responsible for our ability to feel sensations within our body, as well as our ability to process our thoughts and feelings verbally. Therefore, trauma can cause us to feel disconnected from our body without a way to verbally express it, and leave us without a reliable, feel able base to experience life, relationships, and the world.

Yoga, or focused body movement, is way to process trauma from the “bottom up”- focusing on reconnecting those parts of the brain, develop awareness of the mind/body connection, and learn self-regulation skills to address how trauma has been stored in the body.

Each week we will briefly discuss an aspect of the mind/body connection related to trauma and healing, and then put it into practice with a trauma sensitive yoga class. The class is low impact and physically very accessible, because the goal is not exercise but to develop the mind/body connection.

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