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Foundation Yoga Series with Neve

Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for a while, you can benefit from a solid foundation in breathing and postures. 

The first class is easy and fun and the classes progressively become harder. These classes are alignment based introduction to the postures with breathing emphasis. Learn how to connect to your body through detailed breathing exercises. At the end of the session you have been exposed to all the major standing poses, be comfortable with deep breathing, and know how to safely perform a sun salute. 

Neve has been teaching this class series consistently for over 5 years. Her joyful personality and easeful charisma make her class very inviting to anyone who may feel intimidated to try studio yoga.

Details: Begins January 27th 8am-9am every Saturday  
Ends March 24th with brunch outing in Ghent after class. 

Energy exchange: 
The series is $144 for nine weeks. 
Discounts available; military, students, seniors 65+ 
Also if two people (friends, partners, etc.) sign-up together there is also a discount. 
The drop-in fee is $20.