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The Anatomy of Yoga with Jessica Johnson

Join Jessica Johnson, MD 2017 & RYT for the second & final offering of this three-part workshop on delving deep into human anatomy and its relationship to the asana practice. Broken down into three core components, this course will cover the complex topic of yoga anatomy in a way that is easily-digestible and is designed to inform and inspire students and teachers alike in gaining a better understanding of movement & the body. Each session will include a mix of lecture, interactive functional application, and Q&A and as a whole will provide a thorough understanding of how to speak the language of anatomy with confidence, how various critical joints & key muscles (including their attachment sites, actions and targeted yoga asana to stretch & strengthen each one) are engaged in the asana practice, how to avoid asana-related injury, as well as how to tailor your practice to address specific pre-existing injuries, physical limitations and targeted physical goals. Build a solid foundation for an intelligent, empowered yoga practice and fall in love with the magic that is the human body!

Course schedule:

Saturday 4/8 1-4:30 pm: Intro to Anatomy + Spine & Torso
*APPLICATION: backbends/heart openers, side bends, twists & forward folds

Saturday 4/22 1-4:30 pm: Shoulders & Lower Extremities
*APPLICATION: arm balances & inversions

Saturday 4/29 1-4:30 pm: Hips & Upper Extremities
*APPLICATION: hip openers & standing poses

Cost: $75 for individual workshop or $200 for the full series package

**Note: Spaces are limited to allow for a more intimate, interactive experience with one-on-one attention so pre-registration via email ( & payment is required to reserve your spot.