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Brute Yoga

Breathe on Purpose - Move With Purpose

To be parasympathetic-dominant is a skill - it does not come natural to us anymore in this modern world.

Yoga is simply just a practice in activating the parasympathetic response.  The sympathetic nervous system, or the “fight or flight” response, prepares our body for action. All of the organs involved in getting ready for a physical challenge (“fight”) or preparing for a retreat (“flight”) are activated through this system. The parasympathetic nervous system (“rest and digest”) helps produce a state of equilibrium in the body.  Athletics, exercise, running, weightlifting, swimming anything that stresses the body or mind activates the sympathetic response.  Massage, meditation, yoga, mindful movement, tai chi, any movement recovery techniques assists us in being able to activate the parasympathetic response.

Brute Yoga is a non-intimidating approach to mindful mobility with an introduction to diaphragmatic breath control to increase power and clearer thinking.  In this type of class, we will strengthen and mobilize every area of the body, blending the science of Yoga with the needs of the athlete. While participating in sports (heck, just in life,) imbalances occur in our bodies which can lead to pain and strain on our joints. When practiced regularly, Brute Yoga can help correct some of the imbalances that an active lifestyle naturally create. One of the distinguishing features between Yoga and “just stretching” is the constant focus on the breath and dedicating an hour to mindful movement and purposeful breath will challenge your ability to control your strength and teach you to find and stabilize your joint end ranges.  

All of this encourages down regulation of the nervous system which is one of the keys to recovery in life and performance - Brute Yoga is key in being your best self in your active life.

No previous yoga experience is necessary to join this class - just an open mind to laughter, music, sweat, and community.

Drop-in $15.00

5 class passes $70.00

10 class passes $120.00

Contact Lisa at for class passes. 

Earlier Event: October 24
Later Event: October 27
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