Susan Colpitts

Susan is delighted to offer Flourish as a venue for great teachers and others to offer their talents and skills--in the areas of yoga, meditation, other forms of movement, coaching, conversation, workshopping and so on! She has had the benefit of having had great teachers and coaches over the years. She hopes to be able to make it easier for teachers to teach and learners to learn and to explore a universe of Possibilities!

A CPA by training, Susan co-founded Signature Family Wealth Advisors in 1994, where she currently serves as Chief of Client Experience. In 2010, she rediscovered yoga and all the benefits derived from the practice. Several years later, she added meditation to her practice and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training. These combined practices have provided much joy, peace, health and acceptance of what IS. She is eager for many more to experience the possibilities provided by life and its many lessons!

Lisa Vaughan-Meer

Yoga| CrossFit | Massage Therapy-Corrective Exercise | Movement Mechanics

Certifications & Education: Nationally Certified Massage Therapist | 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher | CrossFit Level I | CrossFit Movement & Mobility | CrossFit Gymnastics | CrossFit Nutrition Seminar with Jeremy Mullins | CrossFit Olympic Lifting | Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution Seminar | Wilkes Olympic Weightlifting Seminar | Functional Movement Screen With Gray Cook Level 1 | TRX Group Suspension Trainer | Functional Range Conditioning Provider

Lisa has 20 years experience working with the human body. Along with being a Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and a CrossFit Trainer, she has been a life-long, multidisciplinary athlete since the age of 8. Although yoga and strength and conditioning are an essential part of her everyday fitness and she is a gym rat at heart, she admits to being happiest when she is in the mountains backpacking for days at a time.

"I take pride every day in applying my diverse knowledge and experience to helping people feel more confident in their own skin whether they be an athlete, injured, or someone just trying to crawl out from a life of being de-conditioned. I offer comprehensive training sessions and group classes that are tailored to a client's specific needs and I can help you find ways to reach your goals. If you’re serious about changing your habits and improving your exercise, nutrition, sleep, and overall health, together we can get you there."  

Lisa is very happily married to her beautiful wife, Anne-Marie, living in Chicks Beach with their 4 dogs, one cat, and a very brand new baby named Skylar!

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Diane Malaspina

Creator, Bindu Wellness

I found yoga in 2001 while a graduate student at the University of Virginia. I was feeling a lot of pressure and stress, tightness in my muscles, and a disconnection from my soul. I took my first yoga class and immediately felt healing and peace. From that day on, I practiced 5 - 6 days per week, and desired to learn as much as I could. My first yoga teacher told me I was going to be a yoga teacher some day - and I really didn't believe him (as I was finishing up a Ph.D. and was on track to become an academic Psychologist).

Fast forward a few years and I was still living the life of a harried academic, but my life was greatly improved. I had revamped my diet, completed my first 200 hour teacher training with Shiva Rea, and was studying different aspects of yoga including meditation, kirtan, ayurveda, philosophy, and service. By 2008, I decided to make a major life change and focus more of my energy on healing others. I decided to use my background as a Child Psychologist and created a consulting business to support families and schools in promoting healthy interactions and positive approaches to children's development.
In 2010, I expanded my entrepreunership and opened a yoga studio. It was during that time that I obtained further certification with YogaWorks and continued my training with Janet Stone and Yoga Medicine. I also developed Sadhana - a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training School.

In 2016, I closed the yoga studio so that I could be more available to my students, clients, and family. I teach weekly yoga classes, private yoga, workshops, run out of town retreats and yoga teacher trainings. I am a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, and offer free classes on how to incorporate oils into your lifestyle. I live a few blocks from the ocean with my husband and rescue dog (named Prana). 

phone: 757-563-3179

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200 hour RYT | 200 hour TriYoga Certified | Licensed Massage Therapist

Growing up in rural Smithfield, Virginia, I was always an active kid, but mostly in non-traditional sports like swim team, gymnastics, water skiing, snow skiing, and the like.  In college, my physical activities moved towards daily running and mountain hiking in areas around Blacksburg, VA.  After graduating from high school and then college as a Clinical Pharmacist, I joined the “normal” rat race:  work, make money, work more hours, pay bills, repeat. I always found the time to squeeze in a daily run or trip to the gym, but SOMETHING BIGGER  was missing from my life, and I had no “earthly” idea what that something was.

In 2000, I heard a segment about yoga on NPR, and decided to check it out.  A few days later I wandered into a yoga studio on Colley Avenue for my first yoga class, and the rest is history.  After that first class, I knew that I had found the missing piece to my puzzle.  Yoga was my path over the brick wall that was blocking my life and my growth as a spiritual being. I immersed myself in not only yoga asana, but also in yogic philosophy and meditation.  In 2006 I completed a 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course with Anna Pittman and shortly after that I completed a 200 hour Teacher Training with Triyoga International in Basics and then Level 1.   During this time in my life, I was blessed, lucky and destined to cross paths with my best friend, yogi, massage therapist, and all around awesome human spirit also known as Lisa Vaughan-Meer.  We have traveled all over the U.S. to study with master yoga teachers like Sri Kaliji, Aadil Palkhivala, Doug Keller, and others.

Fast forward and at age 51, I decided that I was no longer interested in the rat race.  Act-2 of my life is all about listening to my true heart’s desire.  I am now a licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga instructor and Meditation Facilitator.  I am now able to devote my energy towards helping others heal themselves on a physical and spiritual level, and I have never been happier.  



Neve Fletcher

Neve has been a yoga practitioner off and on since 2003. After several car accidents, it became apparent to her that she would be practicing yoga the rest of her life in order to self-heal daily. She received her RYT 200 teaching certificate in hatha alignment-based yoga with a heavy Anusara influence from Health Advantage Yoga Center. Neve has studied many different styles of yoga under various senior teachers.  She is drawn to the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of yoga. Neve also has training in Ayurveda and Tantra Yoga. With 14 years of teaching experience, Neve enjoys guiding her students along the yoga path of self-discovery. Her classes tend to be more playful in nature yet with an element of reverence for the Divine. She is also a certified Ayurveda health coach and energy worker. Check her website out here: or her Facebook page is Yogini Neve. 

Artis Smith


Artis was born in Germany and raised in Augusta G.A. His father being a minster, created in him a longing for self realization. He was first introduced to Yoga by his sister when he was around 12 years old. Several years later he was working in an Indian restaurant and one of the owners was a doctor that incorporated  yoga into his medical practice. He learned a few asana, but he was mostly interested in the meditative aspect. After some years he moved to Atlanta G.A. There he became involved in Soto Zen, a seated meditative practice. Several years passed and he relocated to the Hampton Roads area. Upon moving to the area he began looking for some type of movement class to go along with the seated meditation.  Yoga! he remembered his sister putting him in lotus, the leg behind the head and many other poses. He looked for a Yoga Studio on line and found Atma Bodhi Yoga. After the first sun salutation he was hooked. A week later he stepped into the Mysore room and from then on he has maintained a six day a week Ashtanga Practice. He did his first teacher training with AJ Jones at Atma Bodha  In addition  He has done a teacher training with Manju Jois, and has hosted and assisted him during his workshop. He is currently a student of David Garrigues.  He has been studying with him for 5 years,  and has attended workshops, and a teacher's track course with him. 

 Artis believes the true way to happiness is through service to others.  You can read more on his website: Ashtanga Yoga School Norfolk

Lori Zeswitz

Lori Zeswitz completed her 200-hour RYT training with Anna Pittman and her Y12SR - The Yoga of 12-Step Recovery - certification with Y12SR founder Nikki Myers. 
She assists Nikki in online and live trainings, and serves as Leader Advocate for Y12SR spaceholders around the world. Lori leads Y12SR classes and teaches gentle asana in Tidewater, VA.  
Lori holds a BA in public relations and is an administrator in a faith community. 
She and her husband Steve Zeswitz own Zed Therapeutic, a pain-management and muscle-recovery business for human, equine and canine clients.

Jessica Johnson, MD 2017, RYT



As a yoga teacher, budding physician and life-long student, Jessica’s holistic and inspirational style of teaching is a reflection of her own journey to wellness and balanced living through the teachings of medicine and yoga. After seven years of personal practice, she began teaching at the start of medical school, completing teacher training with Jivamukti teacher & owner of Satya Yoga, Logan Taylor Tymoff, while developing a yoga and meditation program for the hospital's campus community. Jessica teaches a dynamic vinyasa practice founded in a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology and is most passionate about integrating her eastern and western studies to foster true healing in a way that is accessible to everyone. Her classes are rhythmic, transformative, intuitive and as playful as they are deep. At home in Virginia she teaches regularly with the Bhav Brigade, an entirely donation-based pop-up yoga platform she co-founded in early 2015 known for attracting classes of hundreds, raising thousands of dollars for charity each year. Her practice has taken her all over the world, learning from international yoga teachers such as Micheline Berry, Rachel Brathen and Seane Corn and sharing her unique perspective with others.