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Psychology, Yoga, & Mental Health

with Diane Malaspina

Schedule: Friday 10/11, 4-9 pm / Saturday 10/12, 10 - 7 pm / Sunday 10/13, 12-5 pm

Investment $350.00

A growing body of research currently links the practice of yoga to improvements in neurologic health. This weekend module is designed to empower student-teachers to address stress and other mental health issues with confidence. The effects of yoga on emotional and cognitive states will be revealed through in depth study of the yoga sutras, five koshas, chakra systems, biology, and physiology. Participants will then create their own plan to elevate personal mental wellness, culminating in the creation of a safe therapeutic environment for future students of yoga.

The content of this weekend is designed to support teachers and practitioners in approaching stress and other mental health issues (depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction) with confidence. Aspects of student-teacher interactions will add to teaching repertoire in terms of scope of practice, setting boundaries, and creating therapeutic presence. In addition, participants will take charge of their own mental health through exercises designed to become aware of cognitions and behaviors that have negative effects. Theory and research on brain mechanisms and environmental pathways involved with mental health will help participants better understand themselves and students. Ideas for class themes and sequences will also be addressed.

Continuing Education or hours toward 500 hour YTT