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Mother Daughter Holistic Life Coaching Workshop

with Ife Michelle

May 25th 10am-2pm

Mother / Daughter Holistic Life Coaching Workshops will focus on healing within generations.

*Guided meditation, Discussion and Written Activities

Bring your mother, bring your grandmother, bring your maternal caregiver, and bring your daughters, to have a discussion about fears and purpose.

Join myself and my mother, as we embrace each of you and unite your divine powers.

Break the generational patterns that inhibit you from living in your Power and Purpose.

Cost - $100 per pair

$50 Registration fee due by May 3, 2019.

Space is limited to 8 pairs. - 16 attendees.

Includes a complimentary post - Holistic Life Coaching Clarity Call for all attendees.

For more Info, contact Ife at

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